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Grinder teeth
– The Electronic Solo Project by Rustad Holseter utilizes live improvisation through Ableton Live and Max Msp to build Cathedral verb soaked, layered soundscapes with noisy trip hop-beats in the likes of Vessel, Forest Swords and Jenny Hval.

Debut EP 'Memory Of Flesh [[KIME]]' - Opus for voice and live electronics set for release on Berlin label Freudian Slit February 2017 marks a new, darker direction in her work, exploring metallic instrumentation through themes of sexuality, gender-fluidity and hypersensitivity. 

FAUX REAL - Orga-Group/Performer/Live Tech
- Berlins first Drag Show for Exclusively Ladies, Trans* and Non-Binary Performers @ Bi-Monthly at Kunstfabrik Am Flutgraben.

Dominique-Angelique – Performance Art, Angelique-Dominique is a Hard-Femme Performance persona moving between the lines of Hard and Soft, Masculine and Feminine, Sub.vs Dominant, touching on modern day cultural topics through text, voice and body-based performance with Performances such as ‘Fear Of The Female Body’ and ‘Love A Harbor Made of Gold’.

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- Kala, which in Hindi means the ability to perform in art, is an electronic duo and collaboration between close friends Purvi Trivedi originating from Mumbai, India and Veslemøy Rustad Holseter hailing from Grinder, Norway.

Their debut album ‘ORIGIN’ released on Berlin Label Freudian Slit August 2016 is a conceptual album exploring the various layers of human behaviour with each track showcasing a primitive emotion and its complexities such as: Escapism, anger, friendship, childhood, ego, fantasy, sexual desire and falling in and out of love.

All Music Written, Programmed and Produced by KALA.

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- Hex Bitch is an intersectional feminist radio show with an emphasis on contemporary media-culture and killer music. The show is a talk show and open conversation on and exploration of intersectional topics between the two hosts Nine Masson-Yamamto & Veslemøy Rustad Holseter, invited guests who possess broader knowledge and different experiences than our own. Sound design by V.Rustad Holseter.

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Sound / Workshops

Workshops – ‘How To Create Narrative Podcasts using Open Source Technology’, ‘Ableton for beginners’, ‘Music Production’
Sound Installation
Live Sound / Tech Work
Various Studio / Live Session Vocals
Dj-sets - Experimental Downtempo Techno